• The mission of the Reedsburg Area Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate and enhance business development through a partnership with our community to achieve growth and prosperity.

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  • Culture in Our Community

    From the obvious works of art seen in the historic homes, numerous murals and interesting monuments around the city, to the variety of exhibits and lectures that are featured in our wonderful Woolen Mill Gallery and to the outstanding performances held at our beautiful CAL Center Auditorium, Reedsburg is a community that appreciates the arts and the people who add their distinct touch to our local culture. Even though Reedsburg is a small city, the people who live and work here enjoy the arts in a variety of ways. Walking down the street, it is not uncommon to find a young man sitting on the sidewalk sketching a scene in the distance. On Wednesday nights throughout the summer, people fill our City Park as they listen to the variety of bands brought to the shady square by the Chamber of Commerce. Our local quilt shop celebrates the artistry and beauty of dozens of handmade treasures in mid-July with the “Airing of the Quilts”. In early spring, the school district collects and displays the works of students K – 12 and holds a week long community art show which features an amazing array of talent and mediums in all grades. The designs, colors and thought put into these pieces are incredible, and are enjoyed by everyone who attends. Visitors to the Reedsburg Historical Society and the Norman Rockwell display are surrounded by centuries of culture and history, and many of the changes in our society are found in our local antique shops as well, where each piece has, over time, become a piece of art history, and tells a story all its own. The arts enrich our lives, and can be found in unlikely places. It is something of a lost art to make homemade sausage or beer, bake fresh loaves of bread, or preserve pickles, fruits or vegetables, and yet some people in the Reedsburg area still do those things. Beautiful artistry can be found in the flower gardens throughout the city or in the spaces planted by our local Master Gardeners. It is easy to see art when competitors bid on an Owen Gromme print during our sixty plus year old United Fund Radio Auction, but the real art is found in the spirited bidding on a “Death by Chocolate” cake or a pan of pecan rolls. In Reedsburg, we celebrate our heritage and our culture in a variety of ways and though a myriad of art forms. It is an important part of our community, and we invite you to join us!


    Art Galleries & Organizations

    BC Arts Gallery, 310 Railroad St., Reedsburg, (608) 415-9065

    Edgewood College/Painted Forest, E846 Painted Forest Dr, Valton, 608-692-2826

    Little Eagle Arts Foundation 412 1/2 Broadway, Wisconsin Dells, (608) 253-4142

    Reedsburg ArtsLink, 129 E Main St, Reedsburg, (608) 393-2795

    Woolen Mill Gallery, 28 E. Main St., Second Floor, Reedsburg, (608) 415-0347

    Wormfarm Institute, 28 E. Main St., Second Floor, Reedsburg, (608) 415-0347


    Artists & Craftsmen

    Ali Kauss, E58388 Feldon Rd, Loganville, 608-322-9237

    Ann Horjus, 127 11th St, Baraboo, 608-355-0481

    Artwork by John A. Young, 518 2nd Ave., Baraboo, (608) 356-9746

    Barbara Fuller, 914 Oak St., Baraboo, (608) 356-9137

    Char Terbeest-Kudla, 700 Second St., Baraboo, (608) 356-9048

    Debra Grall, 612 Oak St, Baraboo

    Jennifer Angus, 1220 S Luke Ave, Plain, 608-443-9788

    Jewels By Design, 1633 E. Main St., Reedsburg, (608) 524-3934

    John and Margaret Crahen, S3605 Evergreen Rd., Baraboo, (608) 524-8733

    Joyce Ihde, 205  Logelin Dr, Reedsburg, 608-524-1934

    Kyle Martin, S3749 Schneider Rd., Rock Springs, 608-963-1306

    Laura Annis and John Peruzzi, Jr., 610 W. St., Baraboo, 608-434-4428

    Rhea Ewing, 1106 19th St, Baraboo, 

    Winthrop and Sandra Byers, 300 Pine St., Rock Springs, (608) 522-5648

    Wolfgang Calnin, 408 Oak St, Baraboo, 414-899-0390