• The mission of the Reedsburg Area Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate and enhance business development through a partnership with our community to achieve growth and prosperity.

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  • Places of Worship

    Reedsburg and the local area has many places of worship:


    First Presbyterian Church, 148 N Park Street, Reedsburg, 608-524-2812. Visit:  http://www.1stpresreedsburg.org/

    Reedsburg Church of God, 1225 N Dewey, Reedsburg, 608-524-4771.

    Reedsburg United Methodist Church, 833 Third St., Reedsburg, 608-524-3913.  Visit: http://reedsburgumc.com/

    Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 624 N Willow Street, Reedsburg, 608-524-2412. Visit: http://www.sacred-heart-online.org/

    St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church, 307 Sixth Street, Reedsburg, 608-254-9763 or 524-4516. Visit: http://sjrdb.com/

    St. Peter's Lutheran Church, 3rd and Locust Street, Reedsburg, 608-524-4512. Visit: http://stpetersreedsburg.com/

    St. Peter's Lutheran Church, 325 Mill St., Loganville, 608-727-3721. Visit: http://www.stpetersloganville.org/

    Turnpoint Pentecostal, 659 Ellinwood Ave., Reedsburg, 608-524-1111. Visit: http://www.turnpointpentecostal.org/