• The mission of the Reedsburg Area Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate and enhance business development through a partnership with our community to achieve growth and prosperity.


    Visitors to Reedsburg and the surrounding communities often marvel at the incredible beauty of this area.  Sauk County is filled with rolling hills, crystal clear waters, beautiful bluffs, and some of the most picturesque farmland in the nation.  This area draws all kinds of people:  photographers, cyclists, rock climbers, outdoorsmen, naturalists, foodies, artists and more.  In fact, one of the best ways to spend some time in the area is simply to get in the car and take a long and winding drive, because the sights will take your breath away and will make memories you will never forget.   Originally founded primarily on agriculture, logging and industry, Sauk County is known for its active arts and culture scene and is part of the strong local food movement.  We really do live the good life here, and these natural amenities just seem to invite progressive and creative people with exceptional desire and great vision. 

    Reedsburg is surrounded by several communities who help and support us in a variety of ways.  Each community has its own appeal and its own unique style, but they are all great places to visit and to live and are filled with people whom we are proud to call both neighbors and friends.  When you are in the Reedsburg area, we encourage you to find out what makes each place special, and invite you to visit LaValle, Wonewoc, Loganville, Rock Springs and North Freedom!


  • La Valle Events


    For More Information Contact:
    LaValle Village Hall
    101 W. Main Street
    LaValle, WI  53941



    Loganville Events


    For More Information Contact:
    Loganville Village Hall
    130 West Street
    Loganville, WI  53943


    North Freedom Events


    For More Information Contact:
    Village Hall
    105 North Maple St., P.O. Box 300
    North Freedom, WI  53951


    Rock Springs Events


    For More Information Contact:
    Village Hall
    110 E. Broadway
    Rock Springs, WI  53961


  • Wonewoc Events


    For More Information Contact:
    Wonewoc Village Clerk
    200 West Street
    Wonewoc, WI 53968