• The mission of the Reedsburg Area Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate and enhance business development through a partnership with our community to achieve growth and prosperity.

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  • Design Reedsburg Community Survey! We Need Your Input!


    There is currently an exciting initiative underway in Reedsburg, in cooperation with UW Extension, called Design Reedsburg.  This effort will bring a group of professionals to Reedsburg from May 4th - 7th, 2017, to help us create a cohesive vision for our community.  This design team, made up of architects, landscape architects, planners, economic development professionals, and others, will spend an intense weekend gathering information, assessing our current situation, and developing recommendations for the future.  

    However, these recommendations will be based on what we, as the stakeholders within and around Reedsburg, tell them is important to us. As the first part of the information gathering process, the Design Reedsburg team has issued a digital survey.  If you have an interest in the future of Reedsburg, we encourage you to take this survey!  Please forward it on to your friends and family - get the teenagers involved, it's open to everyone! It only takes a few minutes, and will give the design team a snapshot about what is important to us as a community.  There are a series of community elements identified, and all you need to do is indicate how important that element is to you, and then how you feel about it. Thank you for your participation. For more information contact Brian Duvalle at (608) 768-3354.