• The mission of the Reedsburg Area Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate and enhance business development through a partnership with our community to achieve growth and prosperity.

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  • Design Reedsburg Community Survey! We Need Your Input!

    UW-Extension will provide a planning workshop on May 4-6, 2017. This workshop will bring a team of planning and design professionals to help community members develop and realize a vision for a thriving Reedsburg. This is a high-value, grass-roots, hands-on placemaking planning program. To qualify, Reedsburg must demonstrate broad community interest. Therefore we need your input through this short survey to help realize this vision for Reedsburg. And please feel free to attend the public potluck (6PM) and workshop (7PM) on May 5th  at location TBD. Thank you for your participation.For more information contact Brian Duvalle at (608) 768-3354.